自幼学习钢琴和音乐理论,先后就读于上海音乐学院附属中等专科学院,新加坡国立大学,格拉茨音乐与舞台艺术大学,专业:作曲与音乐理论。师从M. Yue, Peter Ivan Edwards, K. Lang。喜欢二次元文化,纸,墨,无声,不喜欢咬苹果的感觉。音乐是时间的艺术,音乐即时间,它是多维度结合的艺术,是情感和理性的交点,点被放大,亦或是缩小,点中的一切,通过聆听而镜明。

contact: weiweiaiku@hotmail.com



born in Shanghai

likes Manga-Anime culture, paper and ink, dislikes the feeling of biting apple

composes music that articulates concept and structure

worked in cafe and as freelance pianist

studied piano, music theory and composition in Shanghai, Singapore and Graz, @...

Middle School of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, 2002-2008, Composition

Composition, National University of Singapore - YSTCM, 2009-2013, Bachelor of Music (Composition)
Komposition & Musiktheorie, Kunstuni Graz: Institute I. 2015-2018, Master of Arts


mentioned in book《Composer Genealogies: A Compendium of Composers, etc.》

2013, selected young composer, Dian Red Kechi International Young Composers Residency, Singapore
2015, went to paris IRCAM, recorded own voice for Oper Infinity Now by C. Czernowin
2017, joining FACERE collective
2018, selected, Ensemble Schallfeld Call for Score
2020, 3rd price, Academia Musica Wien International Composition Competition (*no age limit) - Category C. (Chamber)
2020, finalist, Franz Schubert Piano Trio International Composition Competition


Her music was performed in Singapore, Germany, Austria, Norway and Spain

2013, Senior Recital, Singapore
2015, ascolta plays Pazific, Stuttgart
2016, Konzert Neue Musik Ensemble, KUG Graz
2016, Invisible Drive #5, Graz
2017, Leicht Über Linz, Linz
2018, facere Mariatrost concert, Graz
2018, Here and now and anyplace else, Graz
2018, Stikk innom, Bergen International Festival
2019, "Grazer Uraufführungen 8" szene instrumental concert, Graz

2019, joined die Andere Saite
2020, ORF broadcast, Von verlorenen Klängen und Schneeflüstern, Austria
2020, Duo Ar Concert, Graz
2020, Concert VIII MIHL Sons - XXI , Spain
2020, Hörsturm Festival, Austria
2020, VERTIXE Sonora in VILL Ciclo de Musica contemporanea de Lugo: Impulsos